Fix Bayonets Show Off Their New Fallschirmjager Range

May 6, 2020 by brennon

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Everyone seems to be working on Fallschirmjager right now for their World War II games right now and Fix Bayonets is no different. They have recently released three different sets of these fierce fighters onto the webstore for you to snap up.

Fallschirmjager - Fix Bayonets

The first set of miniatures (shown above) gives you an array of soldiers with their rifles at the ready, making their way into combat. I like that all of them are doing something rather than being stationary, perfect for those building a small skirmishing force. There's nothing worse than seeing a bunch of soldiers just looking like they're on parade!

This follows through into the second set of miniatures which offer up a few alternatives plus the choice between an MG34 or an MG42.

-5eb26f7e349b9--5eb26f7e349baFallschirmjager Alt - Fix Bayonets.jpg

This is another neat little set which gives you a little story to tell on the tabletop. I would not want to be that fellow who has decided to be the rest for his companion's machine gun! It is very cool though and gives you the image of them rushing through the French countryside to try and combat an Allied attack, hurriedly having to get their defences shored up to receive their advance.

There is also a set which features an MG34 and the three crew in a more dug-in position.

-5eb26f8070863--5eb26f8070864Fallschirmjager Machine Gun Crew - Fix Bayonets.jpg

All of the miniatures come in pewter and are scaled to 28mm so they should match well with what other people have in their collections. I think this is a nifty little start for the Fix Bayonets range and I look forwards to seeing what they have planned for the future too.

The benefit of having smaller companies like them working on miniatures like this is that you can go and scout out some alternative options for your army so that it feels a bit more unique! You don't want your force to look the same as your friends after all.

What do you make of these Fix Bayonets miniatures? 

" can go and scout out some alternative options for your army so that it feels a bit more unique!"

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