Bring The Marine Nationale Into Warlord’s Victory At Sea

April 7, 2021 by brennon

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Warlord Games has pre-orders live for a whole bunch of new ships to use in 1/1800th scale naval wargame, Victory At Sea. The main focus of this is the Marine Nationale which introduces the World War II warships of France into the mix.

Marine Nationale Fleet - Victory At Sea

Marine Nationale Fleet // Victory At Sea

At the beginning of World War II, the Marine Nationale was a powerful force that featured modern battleships. After the fall of France to the German army and the creation of Vichy France, their fleet was suddenly a threat rather than an asset to the Allies. The British were forced to bomb their allies ships and even though a few ships did see service during the war, many of them were just scuttled at Toulon in 1942.

This is very much a fleet for those who want to play a "what if?" scenario on the tabletop. What if the fleet had escaped the occupation of France and could have been brought to bear against the Germans later on down the line?

This set comes with a Richelieu Battleship, Bearn Carrier, Foch Cruiser, Suffren Cruiser, Jeanne D'arc Cruiser, three Chacal-Class Destroyers and then a few flights of Loire Nieuport LN401/411 aeroplanes.

All of these ships and more are then available separately if you desire. It might be a good idea, especially if you want to explore the thought of them being used as supplementary ships for an Allied navy.

Additional Options

Some additional options include the Surcouf Cruiser Submarine...

Surcouf Cruiser Submarine - Victory At Sea

Surcouf Cruiser Submarine // Victory At Sea

The Surcouf returned too late to take a real role in the events of World War II but was taken in by the British Navy who then subsequently handed her over to the Free French. They were very proud of her, especially as one of the largest submarines to date, but she was plagued with mechanical troubles and wasn't the most effective piece of kit in the field.

You could also tinker with some more fighters to use in your Allied force.

Dewoitine D 520 Flights - Victory At Sea

Dewoitine D.520 Flights // Victory At Sea

These aircraft actually ended up fighting on both sides during the war. They didn't see much use since production didn't start until after the war had begun. They could find themselves serving against the Spitfire though! During the Battle Of France, these aircraft did claim 108 confirmed kills alongside thirty-nine probable and fifty-four losses.

New Allied Ships

In addition to all of these ships and planes which have been added to the clash in the Channel, we also have some new US ships which can be used to kick ass and take names.

USS Alaska - Victory At Sea

USS Alaska // Victory At Sea

USS Iowa - Victory At Sea

USS Iowa // Victory At Sea

USS Hornet - Victory At Sea

USS Hornet // Victory At Sea

Make sure to dive in and check out all the details on these ships on the links above. They certainly look very nice indeed and I'm starting to quite like the display bases that this game comes with. I know it probably isn't that nice to look at on the tabletop for many but as miniatures spend more time on the shelf, at least you'd have a nice looking collection.

What do you make of the new options for Victory At Sea?

"This is very much a fleet for those who want to play a "what if?" scenario on the tabletop..."

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