House Your Motorboats In Warlord Games’ New Pen

March 18, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision showed off their new Motorboat Pens terrain piece for those playing games of Cruel Seas.

Motorboat Pens - Warlord Games

The terrain piece comes with the main loading dock and additional jetty sections. This is a perfect place for your boats to moor up, settle in and relax before heading out on a new mission. However, it might also be a perfect place for you to strike during a daring ambush!

You could have a neat asymmetrical game set here where one side is rushing in to blow up the stationary boats whilst the opposition is struggling into their lifejackets trying to respond to the attack. You could have a lot of fun with that scenario I reckon!

Bloomin' Massive Ships

As well as this terrain piece, the team at Warlord Games also add this LST-1 Class US Landing Ship-tank into the mix for your games.

US Landing Ship-tank - Warlord Games

This is certainly one of those kits built for collectors and enthusiasts. The plastic set features...

  • AA Armed groups including Oerlikon 20mm cannons and BOFORS 40mm guns
  • The Main & Tank decks elevators
  • Bow doors can open and close
  • Bow ramp can be lowered or not installed
  • Stree design on both sides of the ship
  • Includes 6 LCVPS
  • Is not waterline but can easily be turned into it

...and I think that key thing about the waterline is helpful here. It might be a good display piece but it could effectively be used in games if you went the extra mile.

This was an incredibly well-used and hardy transport option for the Allies during the war so, once again, I'm thinking we could see some protect/destroy missions played out around something like this.

Will you be picking these up?

"It might be a good display piece but it could effectively be used in games if you went the extra mile..."

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