Make Way For New Perry Miniatures Cars & Trucks

May 3, 2019 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures has released two new vehicles for the month of May. Both of these show off civilian vehicles that have been snagged for use by the military in World War II.

Ford C11 Staff Car - Perry Miniatures

The first of these is the Ford C11 Staff Car which looks packed up for a holiday rather than a trip into the danger zone. It does, however, look like it would be pretty good for ferrying around important members of the military with plenty of space in the back and a roof rack which could accommodate all their bits and bobs.

Trucking It!

As well as the Staff Car we also have the 52 Bedford MWD Truck which is going to be used for carrying troops and all sorts around the battlefield.

52 Bedford MWD Truck - Perry Miniatures

Much like with some scatter terrain, vehicles like these would make for a good addition to a tabletop in order to build narrative. As well as being used for objectives and the like they could also tell a bit more of a story about your army. They don't need to be included on the field of battle to be an important part of a historically accurate force.

Could you see yourself snapping either of these up?

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