Spectre Get You Started & Offer Up Adepticon Show Special!

March 23, 2020 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures are continuing to drop some fun new options for their game of Modern Warfare on the tabletop. Leading the way is a new Starter Set which has been tweaked to include two different forces and is now available to pre-order ahead of an April release.

Insurgent Kill Team & DEVGRU Starter Set - Spectre Miniatures

This new Starter Set comes with the Rulebook plus an Insurgent Kill Team and a DEVGRU team. This takes the fighting to the Middle-East and offers up two new options which are suited to a clash in the middle of warren-like streets. This will be available in limited numbers but should be enough to get you started in the game, allowing you to play with two complete teams that can draw on all sorts of options.

Adepticon Special!

Additionally, the team from Spectre Miniatures has also made their Adepticon Show Special Miniature available!

Adepticon Show Special - Spectre Miniatures

Available until 29/03/20, this character comes equipped with a compact, belt-fed, bullpup. So, if you're looking for a deadly warlord to perhaps drop into the mix with a seriously loud weapon then this fellow would be worth considering. Also, as it was the show special miniature, it's only going to be around for a little while!

Spectre Operations is one of those games that should work wonders as a solo experience where you set up scenarios and try and outwit your foes. So, if you're stuck for something to play during this period of isolation then this is well worth considering.

Are you going to be snapping up some Spectre Operations goodies?

"Spectre Operations is one of those games that should work wonders as a solo experience..."

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