Send In Spectres Miniatures New Covert Operatives

February 13, 2024 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures has released a new set of Covert Operatives for you to throw into the middle of a warzone. These new 28mm scale miniatures are designed for their own game, Spectre Operations, but they could easily find their way into a range of other Modern Warfare games too.

Tier 1 Covert Operations Element - Spectre Miniatures

Tier 1 Covert Operations Element // Spectre Miniatures

Based on real-world kit, these soldiers have been geared up for covert and urban operations. Their low profile chest rig has been purposefully designed so that it isn't visible to the casual observer, especially if you're chilling in a vehicle watching your enemy. The miniatures look great and there's a nice mix of sculpts in there for those looking to create characterful squads on the tabletop.

The Operators all carry a specialised assault rifle which has been designed to fire extremely fast rounds that have good penetration and are very quiet. This makes them pretty brutal weapons for taking down targets efficiently. New rules for these weapons in Spectre Operations can be found HERE.

One Operator also uses a Gen-12 shotgun and another has a M320 grenade launcher which can be used to knock out a small vehicle. In-game, they operate as a Tier 1 Element of six or in two three-man elements allowing you to cover more ground. There is a recommended load out for the miniatures over on the Spectre Webstore if you're eager to get a head start on your next game.

Get The Hostages

You might find yourself looking to free some Hostages with these Operatives and so Spectre has also designed a new set of three.

Hostages - Spectre Miniatures

Hostages // Spectre Miniatures

You can use these as objectives that you need to secure when diving into your games of Spectre Operations. They could either be extra civilians that you find yourself having to deal with and protect as the game starts to unfold or perhaps they're a set of high value targets that you need to extract above everything else.

Whilst the Operators above were resin multi-part kits, these hostages are high-quality 3D prints that are print on demand so you get a bit of a mix of both with Spectre.

Will you be picking up these new miniatures?

"Based on real-world kit, these soldiers have been geared up for covert and urban operations..."

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