Two Hour Wargames Bring WW2 Skirmish NUTS! Rules To Kickstarter

January 9, 2023 by brennon

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Two Hour Wargames have hit up Kickstarter with a way for you to dive into some fun wargames set during World War II. NUTS! is now available for you to snap up with a focus on offering up options to cover pretty much every theatre of World War II on the tabletop.

Nuts Kickstarter - Two Hour Wargames

Nuts! Kickstarter // Two Hour Wargames

NUTS! is a set of skirmish rules. As well as being good for clashes between two players, it also comes with built-in solo and cooperative wargaming rules as well. Another fun option for NUTS! is that it features a campaign generator and Lite RPG mechanics that introduce encounters in between your wargames as you meet with civilians, garner support and build on the narrative behind your force as well as simply building an army for the sake of it.

The focus here is on bringing the core rules of NUTS! plus the Your War expansion content and more together. At the heart of that are the new campaign books which you're seeing here which provide you with linked gaming experiences and fun ways to explore each theatre in detail.

Western Front Campaign Book // NUTS!

Eastern Front Campaign Book - Nuts

Eastern Front Campaign Book // NUTS!

The campaign books cover the Western Front, Eastern Front, Desert War Campaign and the War Against Japan. This is on top of all of the other options available as part of the Kickstarter which is pretty extensive!

Desert War Campaign Book - Nuts

Desert War Campaign Book // NUTS!

War Against Japan Campaign Book - Nuts

War Against Japan Campaign Book // NUTS!

In addition to what you're seeing here for your regular games of World War II, there are also some fun options for those wanting to go down different routes. You might want to get into some tank combat with Hell Hath No Fury or try NUTS! Weird War, a set that offers up some dieselpunk fun.

Make sure to go and check out the Kickstarter Page for more information and head on over to the Two Hour Wargames Webstore where you can see what is already available for NUTS! For folks wanting some fun alternatives to the likes of Bolt Action and Chain Of Command, this might be worth having a look at.

Could you be tempted by NUTS!?

"The focus here is on bringing the core rules of NUTS! plus the Your War expansion content and more together..."

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