Warlord Drop New Details For Bolt Action’s Italy: Soft Underbelly

September 23, 2021 by brennon

Warlord Games are going to be building up the Italian wing of their Bolt Action collection soon with the release of Italy: Soft Underbelly, a new campaign book. So, what's included within this new supplement for their 28mm World War II wargame?

Campaign Italy Soft Underbelly - Bolt Action SEPT

Campaign Italy Soft Underbelly // Bolt Action

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To start with there are thirteen new scenarios for you to play through that chart the Allied invasion of Italy. These are then broken down into a number of Operations that allow you to follow the storyline of the war.

It starts out with Operation Husky and then moves through The Race For Messina, The Invasion Of Italy and finally The Winter Line. This follows the first six-month strike into the heart of Italy.

Montecorvino Airfield - Bolt Action

Montecorvino Airfield // Bolt Action

As well as those specific campaigns you'll also find loads of new information for those wanting to bulk up their Allied and Axis forces on the tabletop. New unit profiles will be presented within the book to make accurate and themed forces for the campaign.

For example, the Italians are able to draw on Motociclisti Infantry, Engineer Demolishers (Guastatori), the British Commando-styled X Arditi raiders and Carabinieri Military Policemen. BUT, they also become subject to the special rule of "Defeat after Defeat, Followed by Impending Defeat" which represents their poor equipment and training that hampered their efforts.

Italian Convoy - Bolt Action

Italian Convoy // Bolt Action

On the other side, the British and the Americans get themselves some new options with the Canadians coming in to support the Commonwealth whilst the Americans get the Black Devils and Darby's Rangers. If you'd like to know more about the new options available to each force you can check out Warlord's article HERE.

As with all pre-orders from Warlord Games, you'll also be able to get your hands on a special miniature. Major General Enrico Francisci is the man in question, “The Fighting General”. Watch out for more information on him once pre-orders fire up.

Are you going to be checking out Italy: Soft Underbelly when it releases?

"To start with there are thirteen new scenarios for you to play through that chart the Allied invasion of Italy..."

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