Warlord Hop Into SAS Jeeps & Rush Towards The Bolt Action Front Lines

August 20, 2018 by brennon

Warlord Games are ramping up for The Desert War just as much as we are with some more releases on the way for Bolt Action. This weekend saw pre-orders pop up for their SAS Jeeps.

SAS Jeep A - Bolt Action

There are two flavours of Jeep for you to check out for Bolt Action, both armed to the teeth and packed with all of the equipment that the SAS would have needed as they went about their operations in the sandy dunes of Africa. You have A (seen above) and B (below).

SAS Jeep B - Bolt Action

I like B a lot more simply by virtue of the awesome dude with the machine gun in the back. He looks like the kind of guy you'd want covering your back as you raced along the sands away from a German patrol.

Jeeps not only allow you to use firepower on the move, pinning down the enemy as they make their way towards your main force, but also provide you with the recon you need to plan out an effective attack.

Lanchester Armoured Car

As well as these zippy Jeeps we also saw the Lanchester 6x4 Armoured Car find a home in Bolt Action.

Lanchester Armoured Car - Bolt Action

This armoured card was designed in 1920 and was due to be retired when the war broke out. Many of them had found their way to the Far East although according to Warlord many still remained as part of the arsenal used during The Desert War.

It was a hulk of a vehicle, a major downside, but it also afforded the men inside a lot of protection and came armed to the teeth too. So, not a bad vehicle to have on your side.

Guy Lizard Command Vehicle

Talking of hulks we also have this massive Guy Lizard Command Vehicle.

Guy Lizard Command Vehicle - Bolt Action

Able to lead a Tank Platoon in the game this is a little mobile command centre. It is practically impervious to small arms fire and provides you with a safe space to control the battlefield. Just watch out for an errant rocket or tank shell smashing into this as it probably wouldn't last long.

In reality, you're going to be keeping this towards the back of your force away from the danger!

What do you make of these new vehicles for Bolt Action?

"As well as these zippy Jeeps we also saw the Lanchester 6x4 Armoured Car find a home in Bolt Action..."

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