Winter Troops & Werebears Coming Soon From Warlord Games

March 26, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games had some teasers for us all over the weekend with the first being for German Winter Troops coming soon for Bolt Action. Considering the weather we've been having here in the UK it makes total sense.

German Infantry (Winter) - Warlord Games

The set is just around the corner and allows you to build a set of standard German Infantry for your World War II armies wearing their winter garb. You'd have been a lucky German soldier to have got your hands on this clothing, even though I imagine it would still have done little to stop the Soviet cold!

Soviet Shifters

Talking of the Russians, we also saw this teaser for some new troops for Konflikt '47. Big Werebears anyone?

Konflikt '47 Soviet Preview - Warlord Games

Now imagine a scenario where your German soldiers are making their way through an utterly blasted township somewhere on the Eastern Front. The winter weather is closing in and your small squad starts to see strange sights out in the blizzard. Suddenly, these hulking warriors start engaging you and it turns into Bear Soldiers!

Think Dog Soldiers but with lots more snow and angry Russians.

What do you think of the new previews?

"Think Dog Soldiers but with lots more snow and angry Russians..."

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