18mm Vendel Warriors Coming To Age Of Penda In July

June 30, 2022 by brennon

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North Star Military Figures has been previewing the new 18mm Vendel Warriors that are going to be released in July for Wiglaf Miniatures' Historical wargame, Age Of Penda.

Vendel Warriors - Wiglaf Miniatures

Vendel Warriors // Wiglaf Miniatures

Much like with their previous releases, this set of metal miniatures are going to allow you to craft the core of your force. There will be Armoured Warriors, Unarmoured Warriors and also miniatures to represent the Warlord and their Warband of followers.

The Vendel period is almost the proto-Viking age. You'll be playing as armies drawn from Sweden during the period of 540–790 AD. A lot of folks will be familiar with the saga of Beowulf. Well, that fits into this particular period and might even work as a neat starting point for your new army on the tabletop!

Mark Copplestone has done a solid job bringing these miniatures to life and it will be fun to see these hit the tabletop. I particularly liked the poor Priest that is getting included with this line-up, no doubt lamenting the fact that he is about to be raided out of hearth and monastery.

Are you tempted by these new miniatures for Age Of Penda and beyond?

"Mark Copplestone has done a solid job bringing these miniatures to life..."

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