3D Print Yourself A Massive Green Tide Of Orcs!

April 8, 2019 by brennon

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William Charles Chamberlin is on Kickstarter right now looking to produce a range of STL files that will allow you to print out a near endless Green Tide of Orcs.

The Green Tide Kickstarter - William Chamberlain

The set will allow you to create a range of different Orcs, either as soldiers for your growing army, characters to lead said army or perhaps foes for you to face in a dungeon. They have not only warriors on foot but also mounted folk on boars!

The Green Tide Kickstarter Bitz - William Chamberlain

As you can see, each of the components just slots together, allowing you to switch weapons, helmets, armour, accessories and more. As the Kickstarter mentions, there are 6,299,741,952 combinations once you've snagged the STL set.

It is well worth getting stuck into this campaign if you want to bring together a big Orc army AND if they hit their stretch goal they will begin developing a collection of goblins too.

This could be a great option for those building armies and dungeon fodder.

What do you think?

"As the Kickstarter mentions, there are 6,299,741,952 combinations..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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