Agema Preview More Kickstarter Bound Etruscan Warriors

May 21, 2020 by brennon

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Agema Miniatures have been keeping up with the previews of their Etruscan range which will now likely be coming to Kickstarter. A lot of fun new models have popped up over the last couple of weeks for those wanting to build a fine fighting force in the Ancient world.

Etruscan In Composite Armour - Agema Miniatures

The first preview for us to look at (above) is for their Etruscan In Composite Armour. These fellows could easily be presented as the higher ranking nobles within your force and whilst many of their kin might have worn a form of plate armour, it was most common a sight to see this mix of leather and metal together.

Still, they would have been some of the most heavily armoured and armed warriors within the Etruscan army! In addition to that, the team at Agema has made sure to give them big ol' beards so that they could be used as Carthaginians as well. There is apparently quite a lot of crossover in the design and look for both armies.

Next up we've got the Etruscan Class III Warriors who work as the "regulars" within your Ancient army. They would have been armed with a mix of weapons and armour as you can see here, drawn from their time fighting across different theatres and the like.

Etruscan Class III Warriors - Agema Miniatures

This collection of miniatures is certainly looking rather fascinating for those who want to play around in the Ancient period and do something which isn't your traditional Romans. There are a lot of parallels between the two different factions as you'll note from these Etruscan "Triarii".

Etruscan Triarii - Agema Miniatures

The range is growing from day-to-day and we are getting a lot of updates in the mix as we look towards their inevitable Kickstarter. Make sure to keep an eye out as we're particularly fascinated by what they've been doing.

What do you think of these Etruscans?

"Make sure to keep an eye out as we're particularly fascinated by what they've been doing..."

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