Take Aim With Jurgen & More From Micro Art’s Wolsung SSG

May 5, 2015 by brennon

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Micro Art Studios have been showing off some additional miniatures for their successful Kickstarter all nicely painted up for the tabletop AND a look at a rather spiffing miniature in the form of Jurgen for Wolsung SSG...

Dead & Lovin' It

First up we will have a look at Jurgen himself who has been sculpted up by Piotr Kupper who is an undead officer of the Van Rier faction in Wolsung. Interestingly his facial features have been based on the German actor Klaus Kinski...


I think he looks superb and has a load of detail built into his clothing, armaments and of course the facial features. I love that you can still see where he was shot through the heart and killed. Weirdly enough the cause of death is something usually missing from undead miniatures.

Painted Awesomeness

It's now time to check out the variety of different sculpts available to you in the world of Wolsung showing off just how diverse things are. If you like Clockwork Golems, Frost Spirits and Ninja Cats (yes...Ninja Cats) then you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Biocognitator Golem

Herr Frost

Ninja Cats

Herr Jack looks superb as I love anything icy and made out of crystals (ticks all the boxes) but the real winner of this set of photos are of course the Ninja Cats. How can you not like the idea of cats wearing masks and with mechanical augmentations allowing them to become deadly killers?!

The different rewards from the Kickstarter are still being sent out at this point as well as thoughts towards the next wave. If you're waiting on Wolsung then it shouldn't be too long.

Which is your favourite model?

"Weirdly enough the cause of death is something usually missing from undead miniatures..."

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