The Arban Warhost Gets Its Commander In Megalith’s Godslayer

May 2, 2017 by brennon

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Storming into battle for the Troglodytes of Godslayer we got to see the Arban Warhost Captain during the last few days from the folks at Megalith Games.

Arban Warhost Captain

This fellow is the definition of 'leading from the front' when it comes to his use in-game. The best place for him is it right amidst the action with that flail smashing enemies aside with every swing.

I always find that flails are hard to get right in miniatures because of the very nature of their use. You need to get across a lot of movement, especially in a pose like this. You can tell what the Captain is meant to be doing here but maybe if the flail heads were down, about to be swung up into an opponent, they effect might look better?

Stormin' Stags

If you're looking for more monsters then keep an eye out for the Stormhorn Stagotaur as part of the Banebrood.

Stormhorn Stagotaur

As mentioned earlier today I do like anything that has the hint of the were-creature about it and I love the theme around this. They've tried to capture the frenzy ability this beast has when it's charging into battle and I think they succeded.

What do you make of the world of Godslayer?

"The best place for him is it right amidst the action with that flail smashing enemies aside with every swing..."

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