Armoured Ogres & Evil Knights Do Battle At Hasslefree

August 11, 2019 by dracs

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The Hasslefriesian facebook page has revealed a couple of new sculpts that should be making their way to Hasslefree Miniatures: an imposing ogre and a sinister armoured warrior.

This particular ogre has quite an old-school fantasy adventurer look to them. The confidence shown in its stance, combined with the detail of his belt-plate and rune-etched sword makes this look like the perfect bruiser to set against a party of dungeon delvers.

Meanwhile, this evil warrior looks ready to turn anyone into a bloody paste.

Again, Hasslefree have knocked it out of the park with this sculpt, creating a true champion of evil.

A previous look at the WiP also suggests he may have a few different equipment options.

They have yet to name him, but think he looks a bit of a "Harald".

Which of these two deadly fantasy fighters would you choose? 

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