Artel W Miniatures Preview Some Wild & Cruel Sci-Fi Character

February 11, 2020 by brennon

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Artel W Miniatures has been taking a peek at more of the models that are coming soon to their Sci-Fi range. Taking aim, to begin with, we have the Starborn Ancients Outcasts who are ready to take out their foes from afar and make sure that enemy commanders end up six feet under.

Starborn Ancients Outcasts - Artel W Miniatures

These are some really neat takes on the idea of a Space Elf/Eldar Ranger and it's a welcome update for those who haven't seen very new models in a long while. I also like that these particular troops could be used wither as Eldar or Dark Eldar depending on the kind of army you want to build. With a little bit of a colour change, you'd be able to make them fit into different Kill Teams for example.

Fleshmasters & Fiends

We also have this rather quirky looking lady who popped up on Facebook too. This is the Fleshmaster Of Voidborn Ancients and you could imagine her summoning forth eldritch energies in order to make strange monsters for her master.

Fleshmaster Of Voidborn Ancients - Artel W Miniatures

I love that her cloak is actually a living part of her that actually lifts her up into the air and makes her seem more imposing. You could maybe even work her into something a bit more Tyranid if you liked. Imagine her as part of the Genestealer Cult instead who has been crafting some warped and mutated children for the Hive Mind.

In the spirit of strange creatures we also had a peek at the Big Bad Wolf which has been touched by Chaos.

Big Bad Wolf - Artel W Miniatures

You could imagine that this was a noble creature or character at some point but has now been twisted and turned into something bent on destruction. I can't quite make out the way that the model comes together here but I'm sure that once it gets a lick of paint it will look all the more coherent.

Are you inspired by some of the work coming out of Artel W Miniatures?

"Are you inspired by some of the work coming out of Artel W Miniatures?"

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