Artists & Executioners Come To The World Of Carnevale

November 18, 2022 by brennon

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The world of Carnevale has expanded with a host of new releases from TTCombat that go from the wonderful and colourful all the way through to the very weird and the brutal.

Artist & Painted Protectors - Carnevale

Artist & Painted Protectors // Carnevale

The first of these is the wonderful Artist and their Painted Protectors. As you might have guessed, this skilled artist (Maria Fioritura) is able to summon forth her own protectors in the form of these hardy guardians. Maria is also a powerful mage who can access three different disciplines so she isn't just stuck working with paint. She seems like a stunning new miniature for the collection that would be a joy to paint.

Next up, we have the very creepy-looking Pierrot.

Pierrot - Carnevale

Pierrot // Carnevale

Pierrot is known as the everyman. He is able to blend into crowds and pop up wherever he likes. You could be wandering down the road and talking to a merchant - boom, Pierrot. Hopping into a gondola - Pierrot! I really don't want to be meeting this fellow on the cobbles of Venice. He seems utterly terrifying.

If you like the idea of lopping off heads and getting people nailed to crosses, the next set for the Executioner & Crucifiers might end up being for you.

Executioner & Crucifiers - Carnevale

Executioner & Crucifiers // Carnevale

Another dynamic set of miniatures for those looking to show their allegiance to the Church. The Executioner does what he does best and cuts people up efficiently. The Crucifiers are able to use their nails to find weak points and bring down the heavily armoured.

Last but not least, we have the Demagogue & Urchins!

Demagogue And Urchins - Carnevale

Demagogue & Urchins // Carnevale

Prove your worth to the mighty Dagon with this Demagogue and their burning brand. You can also "get them young" and teach the children the correct ways to worship. Sod Jesus and God, it's all about your unknowable cosmic being that speaks in a wretched tongue. The children are also good and sneaking around and stabbing people.

Some fantastic miniatures I think you'll agree from the ever-expanding world of Carnevale.

What do you think?

"Sod Jesus and God, it's all about your unknowable cosmic being that speaks in a wretched tongue..."

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