Atlantis Miniatures Assemble The Orc & Goblin Hordes For July

June 22, 2015 by brennon

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A whole array of new 3D work has gone into the Orcs & Goblins from Atlantis Miniatures and they've put together a few images showing off the warbands/sets as a whole. See what you think of them below alongside some more terrifying leader models!


The Kickstarter for this project is coming on the 1st of July so you won't have long to wait if you've already been won over by these funky greenskins. I think they've got a great amount of character to them and some even look very lifelike indeed...

Goblin Set

Orc Set

I think you can see it more in the faces of the Goblins than you can the Orcs but there is a definite humanity to them there under all the snarling. If the miniatures actually come out like that then they could well be the first range of 28mm greenskins to have that look to them.


On the more monstrous side of things we also have some rather big beasts for their leaders to ride and/or fly into battle. See what you think of the mounts that they've developed for both the Goblins and the Orcs.

Orc Wyvern Warboss

Goblin Warboss

Once again I think they've done a sterling job on the look of the creatures for this project and one of the best things about Atlantis is that they're also open to some constructive criticism. The Facebook Page welcomes a lot of back and forth with the creators which is wonderful to see.

If you have any thoughts on the models don't hesitate to go over there and let them know what you think.

I quite like that Goblin Warboss and his mount!

" of the best things about Atlantis is that they're also open to some constructive criticism"

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