Star Wars: Shatterpoint Announced By Atomic Mass Games

November 9, 2022 by brennon

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Atomic Mass Games has today announced their new Star Wars miniatures game coming to tabletops in Summer 2023. Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a new squad-based affair taking on the role of iconic characters from the breadth of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Atomic Mass Games

Star Wars: Shatterpoint // Atomic Mass Games

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The game will see you taking on the role of characters like Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan Kryze, Lord Maul, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Assaj Ventress, Count Dooku and more as you clash on the tabletop in a skirmish-based affair with squads of followers in tow.

Count Dooku - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Count Dooku // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

From the looks of it, the new miniatures are going to be a little larger than their Star Wars: Legion counterparts and probably match the 40mm scale seen in Marvel: Crisis Protocol (Note: We don't know the scale for sure but we're guessing based on the look of the sculpts previewed so far). It also looks like we've got a neat focus on these main characters and the iconic followers they are often seen on screen with.

Darth Maul - Star Wars Shatterpoint

Darth Maul // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

There also seems to be a distinct focus on the Clone Wars to kick things off with a lot of characters drawn from the animated show. Whilst the game looks to include characters in distinct groups, it seems like there are also options allowing you to mix and match to find new and interesting ways of playing the game.

General Grievous - Star Wars Shatterpoint

General Grievous // Star Wars: Shatterpoint

This is just a quick look at what's on offer and I'm sure we'll get even more information on Shatterpoint over the next few months. There is also this neat trailer worth checking out!

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Trailer // Atomic Mass Games

The trailer shows off a lot more of the characters they have been working on for the game and gives you a sense of the number of miniatures you'll be seeing per side. This certainly sounds interesting and if the number of miniatures per side is low, I could see Shatterpoint being an enticing option for those wanting to get a Star Wars fix.

Are you going to be checking out more from Star Wars: Shatterpoint?

"I could see Shatterpoint being an enticing option for those wanting to get a Star Wars fix..."

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