Steer The Course Of Battle With Conquest’s Tactical Retinue

January 20, 2022 by brennon

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Every general needs an advisor to help them make the right decisions in the heat of battle. The Hundred Kingdoms of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings get that as part of the new Tactical Retinue which is available to pre-order now for Para Bellum Wargames' 35mm mass battle Fantasy wargame.

Tactical Retinue - Conquest

Tactical Retinue // Conquest

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The Tactical Retinue is designed to be added into the mix alongside the likes of your Chapter Mage, Imperial Officer, Noble Lord and Priory Commander to make them more effective on the battlefield. You've got a signaller, for example, holding up flags to make sure units work their way into the right position.

Tactical Retinue Signaller - Conquest

Tactical Retinue Signaller // Conquest

You also have a drummer or musician who is there to make sure that units keep time as they march forward. Whilst it might not seem like much, the beat of a drum as you walk into battle would probably have stirred up the resolve to fight hard amongst the troops.

Tactical Retinue Musician - Conquest

Tactical Retinue Musician // Conquest

Lastly, you have the addition of a standard-bearer who is going to be carrying your valiant and beloved colours into battle. Make sure you protect that, soldier!

Tactical Retinue Standard - Conquest

Tactical Retinue Standard // Conquest

This set looks to add a little bit more pomp and ceremony to the continued growth of your Hundred Kingdoms army on the tabletop. I like that we're getting more detailed sculpts like these to slot in alongside the regular ol' rank and file troops. They give The Hundred Kingdoms a real presence on the tabletop.

Are you tempted to snap up some of these miniatures for use as part of the high command within your army?

"They give The Hundred Kingdoms a real presence on the tabletop..."

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