Battle Systems Drop More Dungeon Crawling Fantasy Previews

October 27, 2021 by brennon

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Battle Systems has been teasing more of their upcoming Fantasy game! Built on the basics of Core Space, this new dungeon crawler is still a bespoke game and built from the ground up. Testing is still ongoing and we've also seen some great looking renders of the new heroes!

Fantasy Preview - Battle Systems

Fantasy Game Testing! // Battle Systems

Considering Battle Systems have loads of amazing Fantasy Terrain already, the stage is set for them to get right into the dungeon crawling. The game has been rebalanced to focus more on melee over ranged combat and the immersive, claustrophobic feel of Core Space has been enhanced alongside a bevvy of new twisted monsters for you to face.

Spellcaster - Battle Systems

Spellcaster // Battle Systems

It should be noted that I've added the names to these different sculpts that we're seeing here and they could be entirely different once they get officially titled. Considering all of the awesome sculpts that we've been seeing for Core Space over the last few years, it's no surprise that the new Fantasy figures are looking spectacular too. I love this spellcaster/mage/wizard above ready to blast some monster away.

Veteran - Battle Systems

Veteran // Battle Systems

The game is being designed to work with their dungeons (of course) but also their outdoor settings as well. As with any good Fantasy adventure you'll be frequenting ruins, frontier towns and forests as well as dungeons.

Rogue - Battle Systems

Rogue // Battle Systems

Work is currently going into the miniatures as you can see here but they are also looking to delve deeper into the rules with the community too. Whilst the game isn't ready to show off just yet, their livestream this week might feature some tokens and all sorts of bits and bobs that are in the works.

Warrior - Battle Systems

Warrior // Battle Systems

It looks like we're getting a lot of Humans right now to use as our player characters but I'm sure things will expand to include Dwarves, Elves and such as the game nears completion. The folks at Battle Systems did some near stuff with the aliens in Core Space so I reckon they'll do an equally good job with the other lineages that you find in classic Fantasy games.

Everything seems to be shaping up very nicely for this new Fantasy game and I am eager to learn more. Remember that Battle Systems are going to be at Salute this year so if you want to know more, I bet you could nudge them! We certainly will be.

Are you going to be checking this out when it lands?

"Everything seems to be shaping up very nicely for this new Fantasy game and I am eager to learn more..."

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