Bifrost Miniatures Release New Fantasy Heroes & Monsters

February 3, 2021 by brennon

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Bifrost Miniatures has introduced a new selection of heroes and monsters for those going dungeon delving. Adventuring heroes in 28mm alongside creatures for them to fight are all available over on their Warbases Webstore.

Kjetil - Bifrost Miniatures

Kjetil // Bifrost Miniatures

A lot of the different characters that they have introduced into their collection are great for use as classic Dungeons & Dragons fantasy archetypes. You have Fighters, Rogues, Paladins, Wizards, Clerics and more and many of the characters could work as multiple classes if you desired.

Kerym - Bifrost Miniatures

Kerym // Bifrost Miniatures

As well as providing options for a lot of different classes, the folks at Bifrost Miniatures have also introduced a bunch of characters which work for a range of different races too. So, you've got Elves, Gnomes, Humans, Orcs and plenty more.

Tupelo - Bifrost Miniatures

Tupelo // Bifrost Miniatures

There are some fun characters in this collection and I like that they have designed them to match that classic style of D&D adventurer. There are loads of different options for you to check out on their webstore so make sure to dive in and see if a character matches your hero of choice.


As well as characters, you've also got monsters for them to fight. Perhaps you'd like to face down the mighty Kharo?

Kharo - Bifrost Miniatures

Kharo // Bifrost Miniatures

Who doesn't want to fight a massive, terrifying spider which crawls out of the woods or caves to hunt down your heroes? You can also now pick up a classic of Dungeons & Dragons too with this pair of Owlbears!

Owlbears - Bifrost Miniatures

Owlbears // Bifrost Miniatures

Working as both friend and foe, you also have this pair of Female Centaurs which can be added into the mix.

Centaurs - Bifrost Miniatures

Centaurs // Bifrost Miniatures

You don't have to just use these miniatures for Fantasy roleplaying. I could see a lot of these being introduced into larger armies or warbands and you could also use these creatures and heroes for skirmish games too. Imagine that Giant Spider finding its way into Frostgrave as an example.

Have you had a look at the Bifrost Miniatures collection?

"Have you had a look at the Bifrost Miniatures collection?"

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