Bifrost Miniatures Reveal New Dungeon Delving Goodies

May 1, 2020 by brennon

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Bifrost Miniatures has been showing off a great selection of new Fantasy miniatures which they will soon be adding to their webstore. We start off with something nefarious and deadly in the form of Draxius!

Draxius - Bifrost Miniatures

Draxius here is not just a Mindflayer but also a Necromancer! So, if you're looking for someone to be a nemesis from the Underdark then this fellow would certainly fit the bill. As he is a Necromancer, he needs a horde of the undead to command. Thankfully, Bifrost Miniatures has also been working on a selection of Skeletons too.

Skeletons With Melee Weapons - Bifrost Miniatures

The Skeletons come in three different "groups" with some armed with simple Hand Weapons, others armed with Swords & Shields and then finally a third set which brings Ranged Weapons into the mix.

-5eabcf3c78fa3--5eabcf3c78fa5Skeletons With Swords & Shields - Bifrost Miniatures.jpg

These are looking like they would be a great fit for dungeon delving adventures but also for creating little undead warbands too. There is a good mix of creaky bones and also rotten weapons and shields too. I always like seeing my Skeletons with tattered rags and bent armour on them.

Skeletons With Ranged Weapons - Bifrost Miniatures

I think if you're looking for good dungeon fodder then these miniatures are a good way to go. We've seen Bifrost doing something similar with Kobolds and such so hopefully, we'll see them bring us a band of Goblins and such too!

Unicorns & Ettins

As well as the undead hordes above, the team from Bifrost Miniatures also showed off a couple of bigger creatures for their collection. For example, here is their very nice looking Unicorn.

-5eabcf3f3dbf9--5eabcf3f3dbfaUnicorn - Bifrost Miniatures.jpg

You could either use this as a magical creature that you'll come across in the woods or a powerful guardian who is going to end up chasing you out of his (or her) domain. I always liked the idea of Unicorns being pretty badass creatures. Why else would they have a horn?

There is also a much more savage-looking creature too, the Ettin named Slabog.

-5eabcf3dec0f6--5eabcf3dec0f7Slabog Ettin - Bifrost Miniatures.jpg

This is a big ol' grump who is going to certainly provide you with a challenging boss to fight. Ettins have always haunted my D&D nightmares since I ran into one in the Tomb Of Horrors! It is rather fun to see another one take shape for this range.

Are you going to be keeping an eye on Bifrost Miniatures to see what they come up with next?

"Are you going to be keeping an eye on Bifrost Miniatures to see what they come up with next?"

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