Black Scorpion Start A Gunfight With Tombstone’s Mexicans

March 27, 2017 by brennon

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Black Scorpion continue their previews for what lies ahead as part of their Tombstone Kickstarter with a look at the Mexican faction. Will you be heading south of the border?

Mexican Leader Mounted

The make-up of the faction is the same as the others we've been looking at, keeping things nice and simple for when the fundraiser hits and you have to make those all important choices. So, one again we have the Leader above who is mounted up on horseback there, smoking away on a cigar.

Mexican Leader On Foot

You also get the on-foot version of him. I really like the slightly stylised and comic book-like aesthetic that the models from Black Scorpion have. It's realistic but then with a hint of exaggeration to make them into larger than life characters.

Mexican Deputy

The Mexican Deputy clearly wins in the facial hair styling contest though right? Look at that magnificent moustache!

Bad Hombres

I don't think Trump would get away with deporting this lot as they'd probably riddle him with holes before he finished speaking. See what you think of these fellows who will be following you on your next bank heist.

Mexicans #1

Mexicans #2

Once again we're seeing a nice variety of characters and poses here, all with a range of different weapons allowing you to make the kind of gang you want.

Mexicans #3

I don't know about you but I always tended to try and make things as accurate as possible so would try and army my men in games like this with the appropriate weapons from the boxes.

It didn't always lead to the best warbands but I liked that everything was nice and themed.


As an added extra Black Scorpion also showed off Pablo who will be joining the Mexicans as an add-on when the campaign launches to help grow your Mexican gang.


I'm not entirely sure Pablo is going anywhere fast on that donkey of his, and considering the amount of drink he's probably put away I don't imagine he would be a good shot either!

You could have quite the funny scenario put together where your gang is trying to save Pablo as he aimlessly wanders through town in the midst of a gunfight.

What do you think of the Mexicans?

"I really like the slightly stylised and comic book-like aesthetic that the models from Black Scorpion have..."

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