Blacklist Games Add Even MORE To Their Fantasy Kickstarter

April 28, 2020 by brennon

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If you’re into your dungeon delving then you’ll want to check out the immense Fantasy Series 1 miniatures collection from Blacklist Games which has been unlocking additional miniatures for a few days now.

Fantasy Series Main Pledge Core Box May - Blacklist Games

As well as the core boxed set providing you with a nice selection of miniatures to use in your games, with a good cast of hero characters and minions for you to face, it also has been expanded upon with loads of new stretch goals.

-5ea840ef4237f--5ea840ef42381Fantasy Series Main Pledge May - Blacklist Games.png

This is going to be an absolutely packed box which seems like the perfect option for a Dungeon Master who needs a good pool of miniatures to draw from when setting up a campaign or encounter.

In addition to the already available stretch goals, the team are working towards two more characters which will bolster the options for players.

Male Elf Rogue - Blacklist Games

-5ea840f2a4cab--5ea840f2a4cacFemale Dwarf Bard - Blacklist Games.png

These could also be used as NPCs in games too. I always liked the idea of there being a rival group of heroes/villains which are working alongside or against the player characters. The party runs into them at various points during the story, perhaps working for the bad guys and seeking to undermine their plans!

What do you make of the new options from Blacklist Games?

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