Blind Io Gazes Into Micro Art’s Discworld

February 3, 2018 by thisisazrael

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Sculptor Piotr Kupper has sculpted another of the Discworld deities coming to Micro Art. This time it is none other than the king of the gods; Blind Io.

Blind Io

Blind Io is the Discworld god of thunder (in fact, he's all of its gods of thunder. He wears different wigs). He reigns over the other gods from their home in Dunmanifestin, seeing everything through the hundreds of eyes that float around him.

He used to use ravens to tell him what was happening in the world, but well, with all those eyeballs, accident waiting to happen really.

Blind Io Side

Blind Io Side 2

Blind Io Back

Piotr has done a superb job at sculpting this deity, right down to the skull dice box he carries. I wonder if the set would include a bunch of free-floating eyes to complete the image.

Would you bow before Blind Io?

"He reigns over the other gods from their home in Dunmanifestin..."

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