Red Grass Games Hit Kickstarter With Everlasting Wet Palette

September 20, 2017 by brennon

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Red Grass Games have rather exploded on Kickstarter as they took to the platform with their Everlasting Wet Palette. Take a look...

Everlasting Wet Palette

They are punting for this to be the best wet palette out there which comes in a nifty case as you'll see here which hermetically seals and will stay wet for days once you've closed the lid - with no mould attacking your work surface either.

This quick diagram gives you an idea of how it works when you put it all together.

How Does It Work

The Wet Palette also comes in a few different sizes on the Kickstarter page too for the regular Painter and then the Studio side for someone who does a hell of a lot of painting.

Painter & Studio Size

The same style of kit breakdown is apparent for both of them. It comes with the case itself, a strap to keep it all together, the foam to soak up the water and the small 'wavy' paint tray for you to mix.

Everlasting Wet Palette (Main)

Here are some of their talking points for the Wet Palette...

  • Save paint: the paint won't dry out during your painting session
  • Start and stop at will: you can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days, and find again workable paints when you come back
  • Achieve advanced technics: thanks to Everlasting stable hydration system, and our smooth surface, you will be able to perform advanced technics like Glaze, Gradients, Blending, two Brush Blending
  • And it's easy to use: it works straight out of the box, and the case, wells and brush holders were designed for you to enjoy your miniature painting!

Now, whilst this does sound like a great idea it is the standard idea of a wet palette but with a rather fancy box and some additional tweaks and twerks here and there. It's certainly a viable product and people have been going mad for it as you'll see by their Kickstarter.

I think the ability to seal up your wet paints and have them ready to go when you move to a new location or just get to sit back down at the table is the main selling point here. That could be very helpful for folks.

What do you think of the idea?

"It's certainly a viable product and people have been going mad for it as you'll see by their Kickstarter..."

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