Dive Into A Bold Endeavour With Stargrave Expansion Next Week

October 13, 2023 by brennon

Osprey Games are going to be releasing the next expansion for Stargrave next week! Bold Endeavour is available to pre-order now ahead of a release next Thursday on 19th October. Will be diving into this new book from Joseph A. McCullough?

Bold Endeavours - Stargrave

Bold Endeavour // Stargrave

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Some of the background lore on this upcoming book...

"Just beyond the rim of what was once 'civilized space' lies the vast, colourful expanse of the Crokoan Nebula. Seeking their fortunes, bold independent crews press deep into this largely unexplored sector. But the Ravaged Galaxy is a dangerous place, and the threats that crews face are not limited to those found on a planet's surface. In fact, more independent crews meet their ends in the dark void of space than are wiped out in gunfights. Black holes, asteroid fields, and even the legendary space kraken can all destroy a ship and its crew. It takes a deft hand on the controls, a sharp eye on navigation, and a bit of wizardry with the engines to fly between the stars."

Inside Bold Endeavour, you'll find more information on ships that work as your transport around the galaxy, your headquarters and your homes. That means new upgrades and damage systems as well as rules for assigning your crew-specific positions on the ship for your voyages through the stars.

There are also new powers, soldiers, technology to play with and backgrounds for your captains. There is also a chunk of space given over to space encounters which can be exceptionally deadly! Capping things off are five new scenarios which have you interacting with a new alien species and braving their home world and other unexplored planets in the dark sectors of the galaxy.

Are you going to be scooping this up and becoming that doctor in a Sci-Fi movie who looks too closely at the alien egg?

Let us know below!

"Are you going to be scooping this up and becoming that doctor in a Sci-Fi movie who looks too closely at the alien egg?"

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