Bombshell Reveal The Mist For Their Pulpy Patreon

May 18, 2020 by brennon

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Bombshell Miniatures has been expanding on their offerings via Patreon this week as they showed off two new miniatures for backers. The first of these is The Mist who a lot of folks will be familiar with!

-5ec251b95b582--5ec251b95b583The Mist - Bombshell Miniatures.png

Based on the classic superhero, The Phantom, this is a little bit of a walk back through time for me. I remember with very rose-tinted glasses watching a cartoon of The Phantom with my Dad and absolutely loving it. I'm not entirely sure just how well it would stand up today but I remember him being pretty awesome. I even had an action figure of this fellow that I picked up from a school bring n' buy sale.

This version of him here is absolutely fantastic and it would be great to play out a bunch of adventures in something like 7TV or Pulp Alley with him taking centre stage. If you back Bombshell as a Patreon you'll be able to snap him up PLUS The Explorer.

The Explorer - Bombshell Miniatures

These two characters join the selection of May offerings from Bombshell Miniatures and give you some fascinating characters to print off at home. Because of their heroic look and proportions, they should come out looking fantastic I reckon.

A bunch of additional models are coming soon too including Verdant Wasp, Karate Sidekick and Bronze Man. Watch out for those!

What do you make of these new additions to their Patreon?

"If you back Bombshell as a Patreon you'll be able to snap him up PLUS The Explorer..."

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