Celestial Creatures Join The Shael Han Of Wrath Of Kings

January 20, 2017 by brennon

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Wrath Of Kings is continuing to produce a number of amazing miniatures including some new warriors for the Shael Han. Here we have two new Celestial sets from CoolMiniOrNot.

Celestial Gatekeepers

Out of the gate (quite fittingly) we have the Celestial Gatekeepers...

"Stalwart and powerful, the Celestial Gatekeepers are tireless guardians of Shael Han’s holy places. They have been summoned to the battlefield to protect all of the House’s territories as a whole, sprinting forward blindingly fast to crush foes in their armor-shattering jaws."

Building on the look of those mighty statues that you'd see around the outside of Chinese temples and the like they are superb and look fantastic in this bright orange paint scheme. I particularly like the one at the back who looks decidedly more feral and dangerous.

Following on from them we have some wonderful foxes with the Celestial Tricksters...

Celestial Tricksters

Playing in the shadows somewhat they look keen-eyed and ready for a fight.

"The laughing children of misdirection and malicious pranks, the Celestial Tricksters of House Shael Han use magical manipulation and illusionary influences to slay their enemies with madness and frustrating lunacy."

These warriors actually have an ability to trick the enemy into fighting themselves. They could work as a useful distraction, serving to annoy the enemy as they approach you. Just look at those big bushy tails!

What do you think of the new releases?

"These warriors actually have an ability to trick the enemy into fighting themselves..."

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