Chaos Spider People Prepare To Scuttle Into Warcry: Red Harvest

October 20, 2021 by fcostin

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There have been some freaky and scary miniatures popping up from all different publishers and games systems across the tabletop. However, Games Workshop has previewed their horrifying release this month too. The Broodmaster is gearing up to join Warcry very soon, bored of waiting in the side-lines in the war-torn-wastes. He is ready to reap some sinister havoc, with a Warband of Chaos Spider People behind him.

Warcry: Red Harvest Broodmaster Revealed // Warhammer

Embedded deep and in the centre of Warcry, the Broodmaster may be making his way to the tabletop, providing some serious Lokhir Fellheart (mask and cloak in place!) vibes.

Broodmaster - Image One

Broodmaster // Warcry

With hitchhiker tarantulas holding on for dear life on the Broodmaster's cape if you are not planning on sticking to the GW colour schemes when released. You can certainly paint an army of these beauties in a plethora of different colours to emulate the creepy crawling of tarantulas. Let alone the kitbashing opportunities...

Red Harvest is approaching and we are seeing more sinister and threatening characters join the skirmish, with Games Workshop confirming more news upcoming for Warcry later on this month, more information on the Broodmaster himself, his Brood and their opposing team. Meaning a new Warband for Chaos-Spider-People and sights for an opposing Warband to be released alongside.

The article which was originally released on Warhammer Community hints at the identity of the Broodmaster with little easter eggs and teasers (for the teaser!) pointing towards who the sinister arrival may be. Any ideas?

Bringing along Chaos Spider People to the party? Yes!

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