Check Out 4Ground’s The Legends Of Fabled Realms On Kickstarter

June 30, 2017 by brennon

4Ground have been going great guns with their The Legends Of Fabled Realms Kickstarter. If you're into delving into a rich Fantasy world with some fascinating mechanics then make sure to give this one a look.

Fabled Realms Main

The Kickstarter focuses in on two of the main factions from the world of Fabled Realms which break down into the Eightfold Path...

Eightfold Path

Eightfold Path Models

...and the Druggoi who are vicious and dangerous foes. The key then is which starter set are you going to pick up and whose side will you take?


Druggoi Models

You can pledge to pick up either of the two starter sets or maybe you could even look towards snapping up both of them for you and a friend to get into the game. Different pledge levels also bring in the likes of terrain to help build up your tabletop when you get the game next year.

Kickstarter Pledging & Exclusives

Breaking things down a bit they have put together a simple guide as to how you can back the project...

Kickstarter Guide

...and for us, we're really excited to see the Kickstarter Exclusive coming to the fore. As one of the lower pledge levels, this could be a way to help with the project without having to dive all the way in.

Kickstarter Exclusive

There is plenty of fantastic background already available online for you to get stuck into about both of the factions and the world. So, if you're new to this then make sure to follow the campaign and us here on BoW for more information over the coming weeks.

A Few Good Fellows

You could even pledge to come and play with us during the Beta Weekend with us at BoW!

Watch Our Gameplay Demo

You can check out our Gameplay Video at the top of the page which gives you a good grounding in the game and its mechanics...

Gameplay #1

...and then check out the Kickstarter page as they explore some more of the mechanics and how it works. But, with the video, in particular, you should have all you need to get your head around this game to see if you'll like it.

Gameplay #2

So, will you be getting stuck into this and backing to enter The Legends Of Fabled Realms? A Few Good Fellows as a pledge seems to be a good place to start!

Let us know if you'll be pledging...

"You can check out our Gameplay Video at the top of the page which gives you a good grounding in the game and its mechanics..."

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