Check Out The Stretch Goals For DUST: Operation Babylon

May 22, 2014 by brennon

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DUST: Operation Babylon has gone from strength to strength on Kickstarter smashing past the $100,000 mark. With that being the case it's time to look at some of the stretch goals coming your way for the game...

Fox Cubs


SSU Command Squad


Bonus Heroes

Of course by now the Archaeological Ruins and Bonus Heroes have been unlocked in the fundraiser now and you can grab a whole lot more miniatures and gubbins to bulk out your DUST force on the tabletop.

Machete Mack

Tina & Hayne

Vasily Kiritchenko

The bonus heroes are also above in these rather cool action shots and you can find out more about Machete Mack, Tina & Hayne, and Vasily Kiritchenko by checking out the post about them HERE.

What level have you pledged at?

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