Travel With The Civilians Of Lanakar in New Twilight Kickstarter

April 23, 2020 by brennon

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Twilight and The World Of Anyaral is on Kickstarter with a small campaign right now as they look to fund a set of characters which would have been released at Salute this year. Here we have the Civilians Of Lanakar who you'll interact with as you wander the world.

Civilians of Lanakar - Anyaral

This is a nice little set of characters that you can use as non-player characters on the tabletop, perhaps when looking to play out objective-based scenarios. They could also just be used as background characters who flee as soon as the fighting starts in your games. They were chosen to try and populate the city of Tan which you can see below in this lovely diorama.

Civilians of Lanakar Background - Anyaral

The characters and creatures from Twilight are incredibly unique and the sculpting is top-notch. We've always been wowed by their miniatures when we go and see them at events as there is pretty much nothing else like it on the market.

Civilians of Lanakar Close - Anyaral

If this particular set of characters are ticking all the boxes for you then I would recommend going on over to their webstore and finding out more about the range HERE whilst also diving into the world too HERE.

Are you going to be diving in and finding out more Twilight and the world of Anyaral?

"Are you going to be diving in and finding out more Twilight and the world of Anyaral?"

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