CMON Preview Coloured Plastic Terrain For A Song Of Ice & Fire TMG

December 18, 2017 by brennon

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CMON has been tinkering around in the background for a bit and come up with these ace previews of the Coloured Terrain pieces you will be getting when A Song Of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures Game lands. Check this out!

Plastic Forest - A Song Of Ice & Fire TMG

During the campaign, the team were asked if they could do add some colour to the plastic terrain they were producing so it wasn't such a big step for people to get their terrain ready for the tabletop. Well, they've done it, and I think it's looking great in these early pieces like the wood above...and the God Tree below.

Plastic God Tree - A Song Of Ice & Fire

You might actually be able to get away with a wash over these and that would be all you'd need to make them pop. A bit of flock on the bases for the terrain and you'd be away! Back to painting the important miniatures for your armies.

This Plateau piece here suddenly puts a lot more emphasis on the high ground that your troops have managed to take control of and I do like the look of it although I think I would have preferred there to be a slightly smoother incline to make it so that you didn't end up with tipped trays!

Plastic Hill - A Song Of Ice & Fire

Some smaller terrain elements have also been worked on which are in some ways more needed than these bigger pieces. See what you think of the cover sections below.

Plastic Barricades - A Song Of Ice & Fire

These kinds of pieces become important for set dressing and adding a bit more life to the battlefield, framing the play area and creating interesting chock points as well. Maybe those chock-points will turn into bloody mires of muck and blood where these Corpse Piles pop up.

Staked Heads & Corpse Pile - A Song Of Ice & Fire

Prepare your blood and mud mixes for this one I reckon. Imagine building these into a proper display table for the game where you could actually have them littering the field to create a proper sense of dread.


Last but not least they also showed off some of the coloured plastic work on the Banners for the different Houses.

Plastic Banner Tokens - A Song Of Ice & Fire

As mentioned earlier, this is a little bit of a test for now but if they can pull this off I could see this being very desirable terrain going forward.

What do you think of their trials so far?

"You might actually be able to get away with a wash over these and that would be all you'd need to make them pop..."

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