Colourful Dragon Queens & Cthulhu Fridge Ornaments Appear At Kabuki

November 3, 2015 by dracs

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Kabuki recently released a beautiful collectors piece called the Dragon Queen, featuring a magnificent dragon alongside its mistress. That model has now been painted up and Kabuki are showing off the great finished product for its box art.

Dragon Queen

Dragon Queen SideAs you can see, this is a very well painted piece, with the dragon being the obvious centre of attention. The varying shades of its scales make it look far more realistic and even more menacing, especially with them darkening to black at the horns.

And as some people have asked, yes it appears the dragon can go on without its mistress.

Dragon Queen No Queen

Cthulhu Claims Your Fridge

Moving away from their usual well sculpted pieces, Kabuki have announced that they will soon be coming out with some Cthulhu magnets for you to pimp your fridge for the Great Old Ones.

Cthulhu Magnets

Featuring a cultist design of the Lovecraftian horror, these magnets are the perfect way to spruce up your home cult meetings.

I have to say that they are particularly amusing for me as I once wrote a short story called The Great Old Thing in The Fridge which was recently published in Whispers from the Abyss Vol. II. (Shameless plug for the win!)

Do you like Kabuki's Dragon Queen? Fancy dedicating your fridge to Cthulhu?

"The varying shades of its scales make it look far more realistic and even more menacing..."

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