The Comeback Tour Awaits For Lucid Eye’s Plot Device

May 7, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has shown off a few new releases which cover both their Plot Device range and Beyond The Savage Core. The first of these is a new Adventure Module called The Comeback Tour.

Wild Lord - Lucid Eye

Wild Lord is one of the characters popping up on the tabletop. As with many of their other Adventure Modules, it comes with the main characters, some foes that you'll encounter and can be played with pretty much any system that you like too.

The Encore Bundle is a big collection of everything you need for The Comeback Tour plus some warbands that take the story to another level.

Encore Bundle - Lucid Eye

This mad range of different miniatures are some of the most interesting and original ones I've seen. I love the aesthetic which reminds me very much of Clockwork Orange in places. You could, of course, use a game like 7TV to play out adventures in this game but I think that Savage Worlds would be a good shout.

The role-playing angle, as well as a focus on the use of miniatures, should make for a good gaming experience, merging the two together.

The Silver Simian

As well as the new releases for The Plot Device we also have another great ape for Beyond The Savage Core. Here we have Gargimensa The Silver Simian.

Silver Simian - Lucid Eye

As well as being an awesome new miniature for use in whatever game takes your fancy you can also get a new PDF adventure called Double Trouble for use in Savage Core too which you can find HERE.

The collection from Lucid Eye is always surprising me and I really love the inventiveness of both their creators and sculptors.

What do you make of these new releases?

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