Command Carthage’s Armies With V&V Miniatures

February 22, 2021 by brennon

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V&V Miniatures have a new resin 28mm set for those of you diving into playing Ancient wargames on the tabletop. The Carthage Command set is now available to snap up which comes with a retinue ready to show the Roman's what for!

Carthage Command - V&V Miniatures

Carthage Command // V&V Miniatures

The set comes with a Champion, Hamilcar Barca, and Standard Bearer for your army plus two bodyguards who will be watching their backs as they army marches forward to crush their enemies. The two bodyguards in the set also come with options to change up their weapons.

Carthage Bodyguard - V&V Miniatures

Carthage Bodyguard // V&V Miniatures

So, if you fancy playing around with the options for swords and spears then you can also do that. There aren't any additional Carthaginian releases available right now from V&V Miniatures but this should fit nicely alongside a lot of the plastic and metal ranges out there by different supplies.

Are you tempted to start up an army worthy of beating the Roman Empire?

"Are you tempted to start up an army worthy of beating the Roman Empire?"

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