Conquer The Galaxy With Wargames Atlantic’s “Space British”

December 6, 2021 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic has been previewing more of the miniatures, both Sci-Fi and Historical, that you'll be able to get your hands on soon. We start with the "Space British" (a working title) who are coming to the Death Fields range.

Space British - Wargames Atlantic

Space British // Wargames Atlantic

This band of Empire building Sci-Fi soldiers are going to be coming out in early 2022. There will be twenty-four figures in the set that can be armed with rifles, assault rifles, heavy weapons, plasma weapons, grenade launchers and more. Each soldier will also come with various head options including the likes of gasmasks for those toxic worlds.

We actually got a little teaser of some of the bits that you'll get on the sprue in an earlier preview from Wargames Atlantic.

Space British Bitz - Wargames Atlantic

Space British Bitz // Wargames Atlantic

I love that you've got that standard World War I/II helmet alongside the quirkier options like the bearskins. The look and feel of the models as a whole straddle the line between being both Sci-Fi and Steampunk in design so they would be useful for all manner of different games.

I could see a lot of people using these for their Steampunk Victoriana games in smog-filled cities or as alternative regiments for the likes of Warhammer 40,000. A great new option, especially if you love kitbashing and want to throw them together with some more from the Death Fields range.

Conquistadors & Aztecs

As well as the Sci-Fi, we also have some Historical in the form of the new Conquistadors and Aztec for use in games set during the exploration of the New World.

Conquistators Sprue A - Wargames Atlantic

Conquistators Sprue A // Wargames Atlantic

There are plenty of options on the sprue allowing you to arm these explorers and conquerors with all manner of different weapons. Crossbows, muskets and halberds are all on display alongside regular ol' swords.

You can see more of the swords lashed to their belts here on the second sprue alongside some longer spears.

Conquistators Sprue B - Wargames Atlantic

Conquistators Sprue B // Wargames Atlantic

Once again, a great set for those wanting to dive into a bit of Historical wargaming during this particular period. Paint up your regiments and then see how many of them get lost to the winding jungle paths and ambushes by the Aztecs.

Talking of Aztecs, here is a slightly less high-resolution look at their sprue. As you can see, lots and lots of options as usual for this army of native peoples.

Aztec Sprue B - Wargames Atlantic

Aztec Sprue // Wargames Atlantic

Maybe you'll be able to change the history of the New World and push the European forces back into the sea? I do like the idea of playing out a skirmish game set during this period of history where folks build either side and play out a rumble in the jungle. Will tactics and knowledge of the local area best blackpowder and armour?

Which of the new plastic sets are you going to be picking up?

"Will tactics and knowledge of the local area best blackpowder and armour?"

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