Corvus Belli Start Delving Into Warcrow The Fantasy Wargame

July 5, 2023 by brennon

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With the success of their Dungeon Crawler set in the Fantasy world of Warcrow over on Kickstarter, Corvus Belli is now turning their attention to their miniatures wargame set in the same universe. A new Whispers Of Lindwurm popped up this week where Hoopoe talked more about what we can expect from this game.

Whispers Of Lindwurm // Warcrow: The Wargame

Throughout the video, Hoopoe talks about the size of the game we can expect as well as a quick rundown on how the dice mechanics and such work for the wargame. Those who have played Warcrow Adventures will find some similarities here in the dice that are used so it's neat to be able to jump back and forth between the two.

Starting out, there is going to be an Initiation Box which will introduce folks to the world of Warcrow as a wargame. Beyond that, there will be monthly boxed sets which allow you to add to your armies. It has already been mentioned that Warcrow isn't going to be a skirmish game and it won't be mass battle. It will be somewhere in between. Maybe we could coin the term Warband Game?

The first set is going to feature the Hegemony Of Embersig going up against the Northern Tribes. A mighty empire going up against an alliance of tribes that are storming down from the mountains to cause chaos on the battlefield.

Hoopoe also dives in and chats about the lore behind Warcrow: The Wargame and where they're going to take the story after their dungeon-delving adventures. I'm sure that Corvus Belli will be producing something pretty special with this one.

Are you going to be following along to see what their Fantasy wargame is all about?

"The first set is going to feature the Hegemony Of Embersig going up against the Northern Tribes..."

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