Crooked Dice Releasing Fantasy Adventurers & Skellies

February 27, 2020 by brennon

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Crooked Dice are going to be starting the release of more of their Fantasy models over the coming weekend. We start with the new Adventurers that you might recognise from Statuesque Miniatures collection.

Adventurers - Crooked Dice

The core set of adventurers contains the Human Wizard, Elf Ranger, Human Barbarian and Dwarf Fighter with the Dwarf Berserker (shown on the left) available separately. I remember when these miniatures originally came out and I was absolutely blown away by the style of them. I think they'd be perfect for a dungeon-delving group, perhaps as replacements for the heroes in Hero Quest for example?

These fellows are going to provide you with the core of a Fantasy experience in Crooked Dice's upcoming offshoot to 7TV which takes a peek into the realm of Fantasy. Their Skeletons which we've previewed before, are going to be available this weekend too.

Skeletons March #1 - Crooked Dice

Skeletons March #2 - Crooked Dice

There will be two sets (as you can see above) which will give you three unarmoured skeleton warriors and then another who could act as a champion of sorts. So, if you're looking for more dungeon denizens or perhaps the start of a small skirmishing force, these would be great to snap up.

There is perhaps nothing more classic than heroes going into a dungeon and fighting the undead...well, apart from maybe the hunt for rats in a tavern cellar, but this should be a great start to the action for those getting into more Fantasy wargaming.

Are you tempted to snap these up this weekend from their webstore?

"There is perhaps nothing more classic than heroes going into a dungeon and fighting the undead..."

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