Crooked Dice Head To Kickstarter Soon With Corporate Wars!

July 26, 2022 by brennon

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Crooked Dice is going to be heading to Kickstarter pretty soon with a new range of 28mm metal miniatures. They are heading to the Sci-Fi near future and exploring Corporate Wars with their newest campaign.

Corporate Wars - Crooked Dice

Corporate Wars // Crooked Dice

Yes, that means lots of trenchcoats and guns. Those ocular implants are also one step away from being full-on mirror shades. These miniatures were previously owned by East Ridings Miniatures but they have closed their doors and so Crooked Dice are going to be bringing some classics back to the tabletop.

These would be a very good match for pretty much any Sci-Fi skirmish game out there. I think these would be an awesome addition to a game like Stargrave. I could see these being some of the shadowy corporate stooges that shadow your gang through missions.

Are you going to be checking these out?

"Crooked Dice are going to be bringing some classics back to the tabletop..."

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