Crooked Dice Master Dashing 7TV Heroes & Cult Leaders

January 17, 2018 by dracs

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Crooked Dice are sending off two new characters for mastering, including a new hero of television and a sinister cultist.

Don't Hassle This Hero

The first to appear is a smooth and stylish hero who will be joining an April pack of other heroes.


The model has the cool confidence that marks a true hero of 60s and 70s TV. His look may not be as over-the-top as other Sci-Fi heroes, but he'll catch criminals with the best of them.

Lady Winterly Invites You To Her Cult

Where we find heroes, there must also be villains. So Crooked Dice are also sending Lady Winterly off for mastering.

Lady Winterly

Lady Winterly Back

She may wear the facade of a rich aristocrat, but she holds far darker powers at her command than just ostracizing you from polite society.

Should you want to join her in her rituals, don't worry. Crooked Dice have put a signpost up.

Sign Post

... I think Mileaway sounds nice, don't you?

Do you side with the heroes or villains in 7TV?

"The cool confidence that marks a true hero of 60s and 70s TV..."

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