Crooked Dice Bring New Wastelanders To The Dark Future

February 4, 2019 by brennon

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Not planned for release until later on in the year, Crooked Dice dropped a surprise release towards the end of last week with the Wastelanders set.

Wastelanders #1 - Crooked Dice Studio

The set, originally meant to be sold by another company, got snapped up by Crooked Dice and now you can get your hands on a Scout, Gunner, Next Gen or Marshall for you to add into your Post-Apocalyptic warband.

The set has some awesome figures included within it with the Marshall being one of my favourites. He's effectively a wasteland Sheriff trying to keep the peace perhaps on the frontier.

Wastelanders #2 - Crooked Dice Studio

We also had the Scout, aiming down her rifle to take out a particularly tough target.

Wastelanders #3 - Crooked Dice Studio

The set as a whole would make for some really fun characters to throw into the mix for, oh I don't know...maybe a game of 7TV? I could see each of them painting up very nicely too. The Rastafarian gunner, in particular, is something fun and unique plus you could get stuck into a good glow effect from the Next Gen's laptop screen.

What do you think of these four characters?

"The Rastafarian gunner, in particular, is something fun and unique..."

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