Crucible Crush Release Playtest Rules For Weird Vietnam Game Black Sun

March 5, 2019 by dracs

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Crucible Crush, alongside Robert Murch, are taking their next game Black Sun to Kickstarter and have now released the playtest version of the rules.

Black Sun is an alternate dimension Weird War Vietnam 28mm Tabletop Skirmish Game. It is set in the alternate dimension of Black Sun. Black Sun was the home to the ancient race known as the Lemurians who created ley lines of power used to transport items and peoples between dimensions. Somehow your group of fighters has ended up in the Black Sun event and now must fight for survival against other soldiers and creatures in a jungle world gone mad. Your ultimate goal is to somehow find a way home.

While a range of Weird Vietnam War miniatures have been available for a while now, Crucible Crush are taking the game to Kickstarter to add new factions and produce a new rulebook and event cards for the game.

Black Sun provides a rather unique setting for a tabletop game. With the Kickstarter due to launch on March 9th, releasing the rules for playtest in this fashion should allow you to both try the game before deciding on your pledge, and feedback on how you'd like to see it develope.

You can find the rules here.

Find out more about Black Sun in Lee from Crucible Crush' new article series

Let us know what you think of these rules below.

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