Relic’s C’thu Prime & Hunters Pre-Orders Up From Tor Gaming

January 12, 2017 by brennon

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The pre-orders for Tor Gaming's C'thu Prime and C'thunian Hunters is still up for the world of Relics. If you're looking for a dangerous beast and some creepy hunters to add into the mix take a closer look!

C'thu Prime

Some fluff on the C'thu to get you excited...

"Foul, perversely persuasive sorcery is the order of the day where the Primes are concerned and often they will operate alone ahead of the cult during the initial stages of contact with an enemy. Tempting promises of rewards and accolades are whispered into the ears of gullible power hungry commanders in order to sway their disposition towards C’thu.

Occasionally such treaties can result in a victory being declared for C’thu without a single drop of blood being shed as the enemy elects to join his ever-growing legions rather than face the horrors that will be unleashed upon them should they dare to resist."

While I do like the look of the Prime the actual C'thunians are, for me, the best-looking models within this faction.

C'thunian Hunters

"In battle the C’thunian Hunters fight alongside other elements of the Cult, softening their prey from afar to make it easier for their elite C’thunian Warrior brothers to dispatch. They are quick and nimble and possessed with a cunning that satisfies C’thu immensely.

Born anew in his image, they are a testament to his ingenuity and his sickening love for change."

Both the Hunters and their melee focused brethren look fantastic. The C'thulhu theme is carried over nicely whilst also mixing in a bit of the Celtic and Gaelic in there too, especially in the design of the armour.

What do you make of the C'thu in Relics?

"...the actual C'thunians are, for me, the best-looking models within this faction"

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