Dacian Commanders Take Control In Victrix Previews

August 21, 2019 by brennon

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Some new Dacian Command figures have been worked on for those interested by this new Ancients plastic kit in the works by Victrix. Let's take a peek!

Dacian Commanders #1 - Victrix

Two core bodies have been worked on for use as either a Champion of the unit or a Banner Bearer. Above you can see a few variations on the model with different head and weapon options. I particularly like the one with the crest, bellowing out a battle cry and the more exotic curved blade. This fellow looks like he is in the midst of combat, batting away an opponent's blow before going in for the killing strike.

The second body shows a slightly different pose which works well with a high weapon as well as clutching a Banner, making sure that the colours of the unit can be seen by all.

Dacian Commanders #2 - Victrix

This warrior and weapon combinations speak more to a character that perhaps takes more of a backseat role, commanding the battlefield from further behind the front line. This does mean that even with a few weapon, head and body swaps here and there you'll be able to make lots of unique looking warriors without much trouble. Using a choice array of colours you could then even make similar looking models feel totally different.

A Musician is on the way soon and plans are also now afoot for Victrix to start work on their Dark Age Normans kit!

What do you make of these Dacians?

"...plans are also now afoot for Victrix to start work on their Dark Age Normans kit!"

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