Dark Spectres & Skilled Shadows Come To GCT’s Bushido

March 21, 2023 by brennon

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GCT Studios has another wonderful set of miniatures for you to choose from coming soon to the world of Bushido. The last few days have seen previews dropping for a range of 35mm miniatures for a selection of factions.

Kodai - Bushido

Kodai // Bushido

Leading the way is the creepy spectre known as the Kodai. This fellow has been seen before but finds itself working its way into The Kinshi Temple. Watch out for the power of The Void as it sucks the life out of those around them as they fall!

Keeping with the forces of evil, we also have the spooky Satou Hatchi for the Cult Of Yurei.

Satou Hatchi - Bushido

Satou Hatchi // Bushido

This fellow is a Gashadokuro who have forced to rise from the dead to do battle for the Cult Of Yurei. Strangely, Satou Hatchi seems to have more command over their skeletal form than others and has been seen leading the way for other shambling spooks. This fellow is more durable than your typical undead soldier and able to dish out quite a bit as well.

The Minimoto Clan is left as the wild bears of Bushido come to battle their foes. Face the blade of Hoshi Odamu!

Hoshi Odamu

Hoshi Odamu // Bushido

This fellow comes with additional wound and armour boxes making him a pretty fearsome foe to come up against. He is also able to deal damage to those that dare to stand before him! You might even see him being able to control the mighty bears that roam the mountains of his homeland.

Talking of those who master beasts, the Plainsmen Falconers are leaping into the action as a handy pair of mercenaries.

Plainsmen Falconers - Bushido

Plainsmen Falconers // Bushido

Call on these fellows if you collect Shiho or the Tengu and you'll have some feathery friends on hand. Because they are using living creatures as their "ranged attack", they are able to fire whenever possible and don't even have to reload! So, you can pepper your foes from range and chip away at them with mighty pecks!

Fuma, a deadly martial artist, then joins the Shadow Wind Clan.

Fuma - Bushido

Fuma // Bushido

With plenty of Blind Bombs to use to confuse her foes, Fuma also steps into the ring as a deadly martial artist. Her three-sectioned staff might seem like a strange choice of weapon when you could carry a blade but Fuma makes good use of it and can better most foes that stand before her.

Last but not least, we turn to more of The Descension and see what Ekashiba brings to the tabletop.

Ekashiba - Bushido

Ekashiba // Bushido

Another fun miniature and one that goes in a little bit of a different direction from most of the Tengu range. This fellow serves the Tengu as a loyal follower rather than simply worshipping them from afar and is gifted with all manner of weapons and accessories for his efforts. He is very reliable and is a bit gruesome!

Some excellent new miniatures from the folks at GCT Studios and another reason for you to dive in and give this game a go.

Do you have a favourite from this new set of releases?

"Leading the way is the creepy spectre known as the Kodai..."

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