Fantasy Flight Games Introduces the Darnati Warriors to Runewars

August 1, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Fantasy Flight Games have just announced the Darnati Warriors, a new unit for the Latari Elves faction in their Runewars Miniatures game.

Dartani Elves Box

The Darnati Warriors "share a mysterious bond with their moonstone blades that none outside of their ranks understand. They use this connection to focus their energy and slash through foes as if the weapons were as light as air."

In game terms this is represented by the unit being able to roll three blue dice (!) in melee combat, making it very likely that you can trigger extra hits through the Lethal keyword that they can add in for a single Surge.

However, the downside to wielding such power in melee means that the controlling player must remove one of the three Blue dice after rerolls.

Darnati Elves Card

The agility of these warriors is demonstrated in their Command Dials which offers a full dial of eight potential modifiers and great combinations such as Charging on Initiative three or Marching and Shifting on the same action.

Darnati Elves Command Dial

Their melee prowess is also shown by their ability to add in a guaranteed hit through their red modifier.

Alongside the eight Darnati Warriors, the expansion also comes with a set of tokens and five upgrade cards which, although tailored for the Darnati Elves, can be used with other factions too.

Triumphant Cry

For example, the Triumphant Cry upgrade allows a unit to perform a Reform after a unit they are engaged with is destroyed. This could easily compliment several other Runewars units and factions outside of the Latari Elves.

Moment of Inspiration

Personally, I am incredibly excited by the prospect of a nineteen point cost, two tray unit, that can dish out two consistent blue dice of attacks and for only five additional points, can add the new Moment of Inspiration upgrade which allows for a White die to be added in melee combat!

These guys may be fragile and buckle under ranged attacks, but if you can sneak them in unharmed they are going to decimate anything they engage.

Will you join the Darnati Warriors in answering the Latari Elves' call or has another faction won your allegiance?

"...focus their energy and slash through foes as if the weapons were as light as air..."

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